The tale of the reappearing squirrel

It’s been one of those days…

Wait…I take that back.  It’s been two of those days…and nights.

A few days ago, our dogs regaled us with the tale (or perhaps tail) of the reappearing squirrel.  The story went something like this: Dogs catch squirrel.  Dogs kill squirrel.  Dogs start to eat squirrel before squirrel is unfairly taken away from dogs by humans.  Squirrel rots outside the fence for a day or so until dog tunnels under fence and fetches said squirrel.  Squirrel is now somewhat rancid.  Dogs think this is fantastic.  Humans take squirrel again, but not before one of the dogs gets a chance to eat the head.

And…dog has diarrhea.

I’m not going to go into details here, but let me just tell you that two day old squirrel does not do anything good for a puppy’s digestive track.  Not one single thing.  Oh, and puppy with diarrhea has given me a idea of what it must be like to have a newborn.  (The other night, she woke me up every 45 minutes to go outside.)  I’m not sure I could survive motherhood…


Miss Amelia
Miss Amelia – Who, by the way was chasing squirrels again this morning.  She has apparently learned nothing.