On German Names and Scavenger Games

So, my friend was proposed to in my front yard with llamas looking on in the distance…and there really was a bonfire later that night.

Also, Kristen, those roses? They’re still hanging up in my breezeway.


(Note:  Truly, I am trying from this point forward to post more often than every six months.  In my defense, I’ve been a tid bit busy.  See below…)

This is way overdue, but I have a tale to tell…

Two months ago, my blogger friend almostfarmgirl (Cherity), her cousin (Katie), my three roommates, our mutual friend, several other of my friends, and one brother of mine were all involved in an elaborate scavenger hunt sponsored by Katie’s church.  My therapist-boyfriend was supposed to come, but he cancelled last minute (I let him off easy since he had just gone with me to Arizona and California, where he treated me to the most DELICIOUS. VEGAN. RESTAURANT. EVER. [more on that forever]).  I was invited to this scavenger hunt by Katie, on the basis of it being something to do before Cherity’s bonfire party later that evening.

It’s not a bonfire…

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