I’ll Shave My Legs When I Feel Like It

Love this girl.


Women in America are doing alright. I mean, the majority of the people living here agree that women are people with rights, they are allowed to vote, they can wear pants, etc. It’s just accepted that while they *can* do everything, they might not be as good at it—women aren’t as strong, so they aren’t as important in the military or any sort of heavy manual labor, and their brains are too clouded with emotions to handle science or math. They have their strengths talents though—they are much better at cleaning, and their constant, shrill nagging is how dumb man-beasts function once they become husbands, and especially after becoming fathers (dads are the DUMBEST).

This is what I’m picking up from modern, American advertising, anyway. After watching one hour of daytime television, I’ve compiled a pretty thorough list of items that men and women use, and who uses what.


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2 thoughts on “I’ll Shave My Legs When I Feel Like It

  1. This is exactly why I do not watch live TV. It’s completely annoying to me. We record what we wish to watch and skip through the ads. Theunicorndentist cracks me up! 🙂


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