I am so looking forward to the day when my mornings aren’t split between two houses, two sets of critters, and one coffee maker.  At the very least, there should be two coffee makers.  Or three.  Or seven.  (Perhaps I should put one in every stall, or just get an IV.)

Complaining aside, we are making progress.  Jeremiah has been putting in ten hour days out there.  In the past week, he has managed to almost completely reorganize the main barn, utilizing tool sheds to store things in rather than the aisle ways.  It’s looking fantastic.  I’ve been reorganizing the feed room, and that’s going more slowly.  Partly, that’s because I’m not a working maniac like he is.  Partly, it’s because my task involves organizing hundreds of small things rather than tens of big things.  (Checking expiration dates on medicines, etc has eaten up hours by itself.)

I have nine chickens moving in before the end of the month.  A friend of a client had to rehome her flock.  All are under two and good layers, and they asked me to take them.  I’m actually pretty excited about it…and oddly terrified that I’ll be a terrible mother hen (not to be confused with THE mother hen of motherhendiaries).  (I’ll be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing with chickens.  Somebody walk me through a day in the life, because the books I’ve read tell me a lot about splay leg in chicks and various mite solutions, and not very much at all about what to feed the darn things or what kind of waterer to get!)

The house, well, it is mostly just sitting there, being a house.  Between the barn eating up all of our time, and the little house renovations eating up ALL of our money and the rest of our time (we’re only $5,000 over budget so far…if I had known how much it would take, I’m not sure we would have renovated that place or had someone planning to live there), we’ve had little of either for the house we’re actually planning to live in.  We have a new window purchased for the living room (it’s beautiful!), but it’s sitting in the living room until we can afford to install it.  The new floor for our bedroom is bought and paid for and should be delivered to Lowes later this week.  (The carpet that had been in the bedroom had to go.  My allergist pretty well insisted that I get rid of any carpet…especially carpet that has been down for probably 20 years.)  Some of the paint is purchased, but not applied.  (I have some lovely people coming to help us paint on July 3rd! Yeah volunteers!)  One of these days, I’m almost sure of it, we will move in.  When that happens–well, first I will cry because I will truly, truly miss our first home–but then I will sing from the mountains.  AND BLOG!

We’re planning to go out of town for a friend’s wedding this weekend (Friday and Saturday), but I have my parents looking after the dogs and Jeremiah’s little sister in charge of the big critters.  Everything will be safe and sound while we’re away, and everything will start up again when we get back.

Finally, so to not disappoint, here’s a llama wearing a hat.


Minnett wearing a hat...headband...thing
Minnett wearing a hat…headband…thing