Keep the glass. Hand me the bottle.

The last few days have been insane.  And I don’t mean like, “Oh look how fun!  That’s insane.”  I mean more like, “We the people find the defendant to be innocent by virtue of mental illness” insane.

Don’t read into that too much.  I haven’t committed any crimes.  (And if I had, I almost certainly wouldn’t be confessing to them on the internet.)  But the last few days have been  awake early, in bed late, non-stop, constant motion.

From class to work to ranch to shoeing stops…I haven’t really had a moment to pause in about three days.  Except for just right now, and I’m using it to update all of you.  Don’t you feel special?

On top of just being busy, things have been a little stupid.  On Wednesday, I had three aircraft deals put together, and three aircraft deals start to unravel, within about three hours.  Go figure.  Looks like two of them could be saved, while the other is DRT (Dead Right There).

In fact, as I type, Jeremiah is heading up to Northern Illinois to deal with yet another deal that seems to be spinning out of control.  (Next time you think about envying the self employed because of their freedom, think of this, and don’t…)

It’s days, and weeks, like this one that force me to pause and count my blessings.

Hey look.  Blessings!
Hey look. Blessings!

I’ll start with these three, and try to have a better day.


3 thoughts on “Keep the glass. Hand me the bottle.

  1. Those are some lovely blessings, though… sorry you have had such a bear of a week, sweet! Sometimes life is just pure crazy. Take some time to breathe this weekend (if you can)… and pass the bottle!


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