Slow progress…and my messy life.

When I was a toddler, I was notorious for making messes.  I was the baby whose highchair sat on a plastic drop cloth.  On spaghetti night (my favorite!) I ate dinner in little more than a diaper, and I was taken straight from the highchair to the tub.  I would have spaghetti in places my parents wouldn’t have thought possible, including in my hair.

Since then, things have gotten better, but, if I’m being completely honest, I never grew out of the mess making.  I rarely eat without dropping food on myself.  I can’t cook without creating chaos in the kitchen.  I am positively incapable of doing barn chores without turning myself into an absolute hot mess (and “hot” is probably wildly inaccurate).

So you guys can maybe imagine how painting turns out for me.

Two days ago at a restaurant:
“You have a mark on your face…?”
“Oh…I know.”

Yesterday at work:
“So what color are you painting your cabinets?”
*I search over my arms for a second, find a relatively large swath of paint, and point.*
“That color.”

So far, I have sacrificed two shirts, a pair of shorts, and a pair of jeans to the painting gods.  I have found paint in my hair, but only once so far.  I have also gotten paint on the floor, the countertops, a mirror, and the walls.  (As well as on various limbs I  can’t seem to scrub hard enough.)

But…so far…I am digging the new cabinet color.  When I finish, which is a while off with my schedule, I will show all of you, but in the meantime, if I happen to cross your mind and you wonder what I’m up to, there’s a really good chance it’s painting…


14 thoughts on “Slow progress…and my messy life.

  1. Gahaha! As always, you make me chuckle! I feel your pain in the mess making department. Especially when eating. It is impossible to eat without something landing in the drop zone below my chin. So, so, annoying. But I bet the cabs are looking great! Happy mess making… 🙂


  2. Oh, Cherity. Even if someone is NOT messy generally, painting can bring out the worst in them. I am a notoriously messy painter, so I so sympathize. Can’t wait to see the end result of your hard (and messy) labors!


  3. Grandma’s spaghetti was always my favorite. I’m not sure how messy I was with it though, because it’s so tasty that I want every single morsel to go in my mouth! However, I feel your pain with the mess factor. Though I’m not the messiest person in the world, I can hold my own. 🙂


  4. haha! I’ve done the ‘point to a body part’ thing to show off my new wall color before. Its totally okay. I have special painting clothes since I seem to have at least one major painting project per year. I’m about to start working on a post about our barn, now almost finished after 18 months of foul language and bad moods. I painted the bunk room in it last weekend……


  5. Listen. We creative types (and I am definitely including you as a creative types) always make messes. Only out of a mess do we get art. So count making messes as a positive and not a negatory.


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