There’s a Jerry Springer episode going down in my back pasture…

If you’ve been following this blog very closely–and I mean very, very closely–it’s possible that you might have picked up on the addition of a “new” horse at the ranch. Candi, Jeremiah’s client’s Paso Fino, has moved into the main barn as a boarder.  She’s truly lovely.  A very feminine little mare, she is flirting with the height line between pony and horse.  She is a sweetheart, and is recovering from Laminitis, so she can’t be on pasture with the other horses, instead requiring a dry lot and a stall. From where she lives, she can see our other horses, but she can’t touch them.

Cinco and Morana
Cinco and Morana

Some of you may recall the love story between Morana and Cinco that was evidenced by that one time when Cinco lost his mind.  Crazily herd bound.  Always together.  I thought that surely nothing could drive those two apart.  (Actually found it to be pretty annoying…)

Nothing, that is, until the sexy little Paso Fino moved in next door.

As it turns out, Cinco’s allegiance to Morana was…tenuous.  I mean sure, it was a weird relationship to begin with: him, a 15 year old Arab Cross; her, a 6 year old Brazilian Warmblood…  (You know, we tried to breed her to a gorgeous, 16+ hand Desert Bred Arab last year, and she would have none of it.  Cinco is a wonderful little gelding, but, as they say, there is no accounting for taste.)

For the first week after Candi moved in, Candi stood at the edge of her run and whinnied at Cinco.  He stood at the edge of his field and called back.  This would go on until Morana ran up and screamed at both of them and either tried to bite Cinco or body slam him away from the fence.  That happened multiple times a day.  (Had she been human, I’m pretty sure that’s the part of the episode when the chair would have been thrown and security called in…)

Things have calmed down since then.  Candi has grown accustomed to being with the llamas, and spends very little time at the end of her run.  Who can blame her?  The barn has fans.

Cinco has gone back to trailing behind Morana in his somewhat dopey Cincoish way.

Morana, however?  Well, I’m not sure she has entirely forgiven either of them.



7 thoughts on “There’s a Jerry Springer episode going down in my back pasture…

      1. But do they listen to our humanly, motherly, wisdom? Naw…..At least they aren’t like the chickens who never stop mating….. “Aww, look Mama, Randy is kissing his girlfriends again!”. I am DREADING the day she figures it all out…


  1. Cinco has airs above his gelded station. Can’t blame a boy for trying! Morana had every right to be peed. She sacrificed a desert born Arab stallion for this mess??? Oh, lil miss Candy paso fino Floss is llama loving siren. The little HOrse.


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